CIPP - Cured In Place Pipe

  For Sewer, Drain, and Water Pipe Lining Applications

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Advances in technology has given way to a highly efficient and cost effective way of rehabilitating aging pipes called CIPP or "Cured In Place Pipe". This new technology is rapidly growing in popularity as it saves time. money, and eliminate seams, cracks, and breaks that cause leaks and backups in aging pipes. The CIPP process allows for hundreds of feet of old pipe to be rehabilitated in one continuos run thus eliminating every crack, break and seam where leaks and root infestations occur. Additionally, in most cases CIPP rehabilitation can be completed in just one day without the need to dig. This is great news if you are a homeowner with expensive landscaping, our a business onwer who does not want to deal with several days of lost revenue because your property is being torn up by and excavator.

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Cured In Place Pipe Technology - Whether you are having issues with a small 2 inch pipe, or a large 56 inch municipal pipe, CIPP could very well be an economical and permanent solution to your problem. The only pipes that would not qualify as a good candidate for CIPP would be if there are severe bellies in the existing line or several feet of comepletely collapsed or crushed pipe. Large breaks, holes, gaps, or severe cracks can be eliminated with the Cured In Place Pipe process.

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Directional Drilling Technology - Perhaps you need to put new sewer, gas, or electrical lines in an area where excavation would be difficult or even impossible. With new directional drilling technology also referred to as HDD or Horizonal Directional Drilling digging is not necessary. A drill head guided by a GPS can ream out a channel underneath buildings, roads, rivers where a new sewer, gas, or electrical line can then be run without disturbing the surface. You can find a list of directional drilling companies here that will be pleased to provide you with more information and a free estimate.

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