Municipal Cured In Place Pipe

  New Tech in Repairing Municipal Sewer and Drain Lines

Trenchless CIPP Technology has been in use across the country and around the world for several decades now. It has been refined and evolved over the years and is now the number one choice of an economical and efficent way of rehabilitating municipal sewer and drain lines.

   "Trenchless" No More Closing Down Streets or Businesses

Because Municipal cured in place pipe repair methods are conducted through small access points, this eliminates the need to close down businesses or busy streets to excavate and replace sewer pipes. They can now be rehabilitated to brand new condition and will be rated to last for a minimum of 50 years with the new CIPP technology.


   How Does It Work?


Municipal Pipe Lining Technology - A flexible liner that actually shows up to the project on rolls similar to a fire hose is pulled out and measured to match the length of the existing sewer pipe to be repaired. The liner is then cut to size and saturated to nearly 100% with an epoxy resin. The liner is then reeled into another roll type of machine called an air inversion system. The liner is then unraveled and blown through the existing sewer pipe using high air pressure that effectively sets the liner against the interior of the old pipe. A long cylindrical rubber bladder is then fed through the entire length of the liner and inflated with high air pressure. This forms the liner against the interior of the old pipe into a perfect symetrical circle sealing out cracks, breaks, bridging gaps and creating a brand new "pipe within a pipe".


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